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The Accidental Psychic

How I went from Skeptic to psychic in THirty Years in just 500 easy steps

The Accidental Psychic details how I grew from an introspective, scientifically bent, skeptical, agnostic child into a woman who performs energy healing work in Austin in concert with an unseen world full of spirits, guides, masters, surgeons and more.  It is especially about what it is like to connect to that world.


The book should appeal to people who are curious but also skeptical about the world of alternative medicine and psychic phenomena.  The book is also for people who are beginning to do energy healing work as a profession or even just on family and friends. 

In addition, the book can also be helpful to people who wish to incorporate a meditation or similar practice to help calm the mind, de-stress the body and listen to that intuitive voice. Anyone who is interested in further learning to hear that intuitive voice will gain a great deal from the chapter on journaling.  Lastly, anyone who wants to embark on travel for spiritual purposes should find inspiration in my trip to Sedona.