Note:  These sessions are not being offered right now.  Thanks!

What is a crystal bed? 
The crystal bed is an array of Vogel cut quartz crystals that are positioned over a massage table and direct energy to each of the seven main chakras.  Each crystal is illuminated with a pulsing light that corresponds to the colors associated with each chakra.   The crystals act as a portal for spirit guides and allow their healing energy to come through.  

 What is a session like?
First you will set an intention for the session.
Then you will lie on the massage table fully clothed, a cloth will be placed over your eyes, and relaxing music will be played through headphones.  From there everyone’s experience will be different.  Some comments from clients so far include:

Tingling in my hands.
Vortex of energy in my third eye.
Heaviness in my legs and then a lightness.
My heart opening up and a feeling of intense love.
Feeling the presence of a loved one who has passed.
Buzzing over my entire body for a long time.
Pain in parts of the body and then a release.
Each note of music seemed to touch different chakras.
I felt more present in my body – less mind chatter in my head.
I fell asleep and then felt energized for hours.
I felt my solar plexus chakra opening up.
Felt heat in all my chakras 
Something let go and I felt like I could breathe again. 
I felt waves of beautiful emotions that brought me to tears.
I felt like I was spinning.
I felt connected to my guides for the first time in a long while.
I gained insight that helped me see a problem in a new way.

 What I love about crystal bed therapy.
There is so much going on at once.  There is healing therapy from sound, color, crystals, spirit healing guides, and light.  These elements combine to make a powerful experience, felt on many levels.  As with all energy healing work, the effects can be physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual.  You get exactly what you need at that time.

How much does it cost? / How long is a session?
Each session is $33 and lasts for forty minutes.  

How often can I have a session?
If you are very ill then perhaps three times a week, gradually reducing them as you get better.
For spiritual reasons or just general healing, one session a week should be enough.
Of course you could also just have one session and then come back anytime you feel the need for a tune-up.

What should I do after my session?
I recommend drinking lots of water and also taking a little time to relax with the energies.  Also, if you have an especially profound session, I recommend you take a little time to journal about your experience so you can revisit it later.

Are there any Contraindications?
The only contraindication is for epilepsy.
It is perfectly safe for children, pregnant women, and people undergoing chemotherapy.  It will not interfere with any medications.

Please do not use the crystal bed as a substitute for your regular medical regimen, but instead use it as a complementary treatment.


I have gotten lots of wonderful verbal feedback on the crystal bed, but one person emailed me an amazing review.  Here it is:

“... absolutely amazing!  I am a psychic medium and I work on my connection daily with meditation and solitude.  ...  I originally could feel the energy from each of the chakra crystals above me, however, this changed into a feeling of a warm energy blanket all over my body.  I found that when I spoke my intentions and positive affirmations, that I became very light and felt like I was lifting off of the table.  There appeared to be what I would call a time warp, even though I was on the table for about 40 minutes, it felt like I had been laying there for an entire day; I felt like I was going to find myself still laying there the next morning.  Throughout the remainder of the day I found myself at peace.  I would recommend this experience for everyone!”