I have been a practicing energy worker since 1996.  

​In August 2019, I became a Certified Marconic Energy Practitioner and my clients have had such great results that I now offer this modality exclusively.  The book, Marconics - The Clarion Call by Alison David Bird and Lisa Wilson, explains how Marconics began and is a fascinating and inspiring read.

The Accidental Psychic chronicles my journey from skeptic to psychic energy worker. It is an inspirational book that will encourage the reader to meditate, journal, listen to that intuitive voice, explore spiritual travel, and more. 

Energy Work in Austin

To read more about Marconics please click on the menu item “MARCONIC ENERGY” above!  I detail the amazing way the energy showed up in my life and I also write about some of my client’s experiences.  

Certified Marconic Energy Practitioner

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