Energetic Rods in my Back.

 After I finished the first book, I ordered the second one, Angels of Atlantis, and began reading it around July 24,2019.  A few days later I was again in my bed – this time taking a nap in the afternoon.   I woke up because I had to go to the bathroom, but getting there was a challenge because I felt so tired, so heavy.  
I got back into bed and immediately noticed that my back felt really strange, like it had two energetic rods along the sides of my spine.  It felt full.  The sensation was compelling and for several minutes I thought– am I really feeling this?  Did they work on me while I was asleep during my nap?  I didn’t remember what time it was when I went to sleep, but I woke up about 4:30 pm.  Best guess my nap was one or two hours.  The sensation was in the long muscles running by my spine through the middle of each side, nearer to the spine than the middle. It was very specific.

Around 5:30pm I was hungry decided to to get a burger and fries at a nearby place.  I still felt really weird from the back surgery? Event?   As I backed down my driveway, I saw a lot of cars at my neighbor’s house and hoped no one was outside.  
Oh no, I thought.  I cannot speak to anyone now.  Not now while I am existing in a weird state.  While I am stoned.  Partway in another dimension.  Just having been in a portal.  
I was having a hard time seeing reality – everything seemed otherworldly.  Different.  I had not fully come back/recovered from my experience - I was not fully me yet.  I was still between worlds or realities.  Driving required all my focus.  But I was okay when I was finally in the drive through at the burger place.  Only felt a little weird.  Got home and ate the whole burger and fries.  

In early August, a Level I class of Marconics was conveniently happening in Austin.  I was excited to go and enjoyed the class and my Recalibration very much.  After that class I was certified to practice the Marconic “No-Touch” on my clients and I began using it right away.  But I also learned in the class that the rods I felt in my back were probably a part of the Marconics training that generally happened during Level II.  I was very intrigued by that information, but it wasn’t until I went to the Level II class in Falmouth and officially learned the protocol to perform the Lux Magnum, that I had a better understanding of these energetic rods that I felt. 

The Lux Magnum is described as follows:
“The Marconic Lux Magnum is a one-time procedure that provides energetic structures in your body’s energy field to unify the electrical and magnetic system and frequencies from 9D and 11D.  This enables you to connect to your guidance and to light and information from other dimensions more easily.” 

 All in all, the experience of getting these energetic rods was amazing.  For a couple of weeks after the event I only had to put my attention on my back and I could feel them – a gentle hum or sensation where they were.  Sort of like icy/hot on my back.

 Is it any wonder that Marconic Energy had my attention?

Some of My Client’s Experiences: 

My clients have reported that they think the sessions are creating tangible changes in their lives.  

One client who has had numerous sessions reported that a psychic that she goes to regularly noticed a big change/shift in her energy.  He was apparently really amazed by what he saw.  This same client also reported that her friends and co-workers were commenting on how she seemed different.  She had been wanting help with past life trauma and sexual trauma.  She feels lighter and happier.

Another client after several sessions said that her massage clients were responding to her in a different way.  In the space of one week several clients told her (platonically) that they “loved” her.  She also has been feeling lighter and more joyful.

Another client felt that a health issue she had was about halfway alleviated after one session and was completely alleviated within a week.

Another client was so moved by her session and felt such a shift that she plans to become a Marconics practitioner.


The ‘I AM’ Merge.

I was excited to do sessions on my clients and see how they would respond.  I was also excited to attend more classes and immediately signed up for Levels II through IV in February 2020 in Falmouth, MA.  

 During these six months that I waited for the next classes, I began to do a lot of extraneous reading.  The two Marconics books introduced many ideas and concepts that were unfamiliar to me.  Concepts that had previously not even been on my radar.  In particular other dimensions, densities, extraterrestrials, the Galactic Federation, Ascended Masters, etc.  I subscribed to the Gaia Channel for a while and watched hours of programming, in some cases taking copious notes.  I also did research on the internet and went down many rabbit holes.  All of this was so that I would get the most out of the training in Falmouth.  

 Finally, it was February.  The classes themselves were eye-opening and the energies that I felt as other students worked on me were powerful.  But in the middle of this amazing week of classes one event stood out from all the rest.  It was receiving the ‘I AM’ Merge. 

 The ‘I AM’ Merge is only offered to students taking Level III/IV and it is a procedure done over two days outside of class hours.  As I understand it, the ‘I AM’ Merge is a form of psychic surgery that will allow one of your higher selves (apparently you have many, each new one vibrating higher) to descend into your body to enable you to better receive and decode light information that is coming down from the higher dimensions. The highest event that could happen would be that your Oversoul would descend.  

 Mine was scheduled for 8:15 am on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Each session was about one hour.  I went to each session with only a few sips of coffee and no breakfast because I didn’t want my body to distract me with needing a bathroom break.  The room itself did not really seem conducive to the Merge.  It was a large space with about seven to ten tables lined up in a row in the hotel conference room.  There were bright lights in the ceiling and it was cold.  


I was pleased to find that Robin, one of the main facilitators, was to do my Merge.
This first session went by fast.  During the session I felt a pressure in my head and in my chest and I felt a heaviness in my left leg.  I also briefly saw a large window (maybe 6 by 10 feet) and the view outside changed from trees to outer space.  When the session was over, I felt really tall.  I was a little dizzy afterward, too.  

I had hoped for something a little more spectacular but I was okay with it.  Apparently the first session is just a preparation for the second so I thought maybe something really earthshattering could still happen the next day.  You never know.  But I generally just try to be curious and pleased with whatever transpires.  It is all an adventure, after all.


First it was like my regular higher self was in my body.  The connection felt peaceful and calm and familiar.  I felt a little pressure on my chest, on my head.  It felt like she filled me to my hands and feet.

Then the lady having the session on the table next to me began gasping and sobbing. I was only twitching just a little.  
I was thinking that I wished I were having her session.
I was thinking that maybe my higher self or Overso
ul wouldn’twant to come down into my body – a body that was getting old.  Then I felt my stomach area being affected energetically and my neck arched.
Still I found myself just wishing it were over so I could drink coffee and eat breakfast.  It was cold and the lights above the table were bright and even as my neck arched and I felt energetic stuff I wanted it to be over.  It was all just a lot.  And I was ready for coffee and oatmeal.  

Then something bigger and new came in descending as a ball of light.  This was about ½ to ¾ of the way through the session.  It filled me and made my body taller and then this Presence exclaimed “It’s cold!” and I said “Well it’s not all rainbows down here!” and then I forgot about the cold again.  Balls of light filled the palms of my hands and it seemed we would write together.  I sensed this Presence using my hands to write as she flexed and moved them.  Filled them.  Inhabited them.  I sensed that this light in my palms was not only for writing but was also for healing. This feeling of being inhabited was truly wonderful and amazing.

Toward the end of the session an image of a unicorn head was gently overlaid over mine with the horn positioned at my 3rd eye.  (Really?  I love unicorns probably more than an adult should, but I was still thinking that this was a weird image to show me.)  All of the focus was on the horn which shimmered and was iridescent and rainbow-hued.   I felt this Presence was activating that and it was marvelous and exciting.  

But all too soon Robin began grounding me to bring me out.  I didn’t want to stop but it was over. 

A few tears had leaked out during the session but now as I sat up on the edge of the table I was overcome with emotion and began to sob and sob.  
I was in awe.  Grateful. 
I just couldn’t believe so much had happened during the Merge!  It was all I had hoped for and more.

My Personal Story with Marconic Energy:

I have been practicing Reiki and Reconnective Healing since 2001 and 2003, respectively.  
I had no real need or desire to learn another method because these modalities were helping my clients a great deal.  And there are many, many modalities that I have come across in the last twenty years.  They all have their fine points and they all work with energy.

As I am working on a client, I am often able to read their energy field and can see what they need.  Maybe they need more energy in a certain chakra, perhaps. Additionally, if they have been doing energetic work on themselves, I can see that.  For instance, one client had been working on moving his energy from his solar plexus to his heart then his third eye and back down.  I could “see” this pathway in his field.  When I “see” something like this I usually ask what they have been doing because I am interested.  This has happened enough that I know that all energetic work a person does leaves a tangible imprint in their energy field.  

So here I am in July of 2019 working at a metaphysical fair, offering energy work sessions.  I began working on a young woman and immediately had a sense that she didn’t need anything I had to offer her.  I saw nothing in her energy field that needed to be worked on.  I asked her about it and she told me she had been having Marconic energy sessions.  I wrote it down and promptly forgot about it and continued with clients at the fair.

The next day as I am entering my fair receipts into a spreadsheet, I come across my note about Marconics.  Hmmm.  I go to Google, read a little about Marconic energy, and discover there is a book – The Clarion Call.   I am intrigued enough to order the book that night.

The next morning I woke up early at 6am, had coffee, and went back to bed around 8am to get a little more sleep.  I was lying in bed mostly on my stomach.  
Then, unexpectedly, I felt my body begin to vibrate - It felt as though someone was holding a powerful electric massager on my entire back.  I hardly knew what to think.  At one point I left my body and saw it from just above for a few seconds until I came back in.  Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and in my mind I said, That is enough!  
My best guess is it lasted about five minutes. 

I fell asleep and had a vivid dream about computers and downloads and how you are supposed to ground it when you plug it in to protect against power surges.  
Then I woke up in my bed but still couldn’t move.  It reminded me of the trip years ago when I had psychic surgery during a visit to John of God in Brazil.  
I felt like something had happened to me – a download?  An energetic psychic surgery?  Had I been altered again like in Sedona?  To be clear, this vibration was the most intense metaphysical experience I have had since the Sedona energy blast that began my work with energy healing.  And this time I didn’t even have to leave my bed!

I had planned to go to the grocery store and then meet some friends but I couldn’t do anything that day except rest and try to find some food there in my house.

So this is Marconics, I thought.  This is what Marconics can do when I have simply ordered the book!  

Marconic Ascension energy arrived on the planet in 2012 when the Earth entered the photon belt and was exposed to more intense electromagnetic radiation.  It was given by Pleiadians to Alison David Bird during her hypnotherapy sessions with a client over a period of six months.  In 2016 she and her business partner, Lisa Wilson, wrote Marconics: The Clarion Call ( Marconics the Human Upgrade Book 1) that details their journey as Marconic energy was revealed to them.  It is available on Amazon.com.  

Marconic energy enables you to:
Raise your vibration 
Create spontaneous healing
Communicate with your DNA
Connect and integrate with your Higher Self
Shed karmic density
Awaken intuition/ESP and psychic gifts
Discover your life’s purpose
Reclaim hidden talents and skills
Release negative past life imprints.